We are a company focused on agile technological solutions that simplify and generate real value in the day to day of organizations. We work to evolve your business quickly, consistently, and compatibly with the ever-accelerating changes of our time.

We believe that individuals and their interactions make your and our business. This is our way of doing it: with technology and simplicity.

Our purpose is to promote Human Growth with Technology.

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We are people serving people

We think and act as owners

We have a performance hunger

We grow and learn together

We strive for excellence and simplicity

With Meta, you find tailor-made IT solutions for your business in one single partner. We combine our expertise and the distinction of our experts with global leaders in the industry - SAP, Scaled Agile, Microsoft, Amazon - modeling and implementing complete solutions to accelerate their results in the digital world.

28 years of experience with large national and international cases.

Complete solutions aligning IT and business strategy.

The digital world in a simple and agile way for your business


Meta was born 28 years ago from the entrepreneurial dream of those who see in work a path of realization and contribution to the world. The company founded by Telmo Costa in 1990, soon also received the strength of Claudio Carrara. We pride ourselves on being an owner business, with active participation of the partners in the operation and service to our customers.


We have been partners with SAP for 18 years. This solid relationship makes Meta one of the leading SAP advisory partners in Brazil. We have a strong team of SAP specialists who have vast experience, having worked in national and international projects of great impact. Our headquarters in São Leopoldo is installed next to SAP Labs Latin America, which further strengthens this connection.


SAP Recognized Expertise: certification attesting to Meta’s experience in SAP S/4HANA, proven by successful, customer-validated projects, meeting stringent SAP requirements.

Global Certification DEMO 21: qualifies Meta to deploy SAP S/4HANA to customers around the world.

PQP (Partner Quality Program): PQP (Partner Quality Program), recognition granted by SAP that includes Meta as a member of the world-wide program of the German multinational. This certificate attests to the quality of the services already conducted and implemented by us.

PCoE (Partner Center of Expertise): Meta is a partner capable of maintaining SAP licenses.


We carried out the first implementation of SAP S/4HANA in Brazil and the pioneer in public sector in the world.


We won two editions of the ASUG Impact Awards in 2006 and 2016.


We are among the top 20 DEMO21-certified advisory companies in the world, which enables us to conduct projects across the globe.


Scaled Agile is responsible for the Framework SAFe and has several partners around the globe, Meta being one of them. We are the ideal partner to implement organizational transformations and offer six official Scaled Agile certifications.


We are partners of the most relevant institute in the world in research and IT trends, to take what is most current to your business.


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