The Herval Group’s need to implement SAP was born out of the company’s commercial expansion. As a company with five million customers, more than six thousand employees and operating in sixteen different segments, there was a great gap in the consolidation of group information, also from many manual processes.

One of the largest SAP cases in existence today, winner of the ASUG Impact Awards 2016, the implementation of SAP ECC in the Herval Group enabled the integration of all processes into a single technology platform, bringing governance, standardization, agility, enabling sustainable business growth the company. From the wave implementation strategy, the first phase included Backoffice and Human Resources and the second Industry, having been defined using the ASAP methodology.

For the first time in Brazil, the TM module (Transportation Management) was fully implemented, consolidating itself as the most complete TM set up in the country, integrated with the GRC Inbound tool for order automation and freight calculations. The TM brought improvements throughout the distribution logistics, through optimizations in the planning, execution and control processes in the shipment of goods sold and in the receipt of goods purchased by Herval.

MDG (Master Data Governance) was also pioneered in the country, to standardize the process of registration management, bringing greater governance, SLA control in the registration and management of master data of customers, suppliers and materials. Another highlight was the treatment of freight cost calculation considering Brazilian taxes.

With support from the SOLMAN tool, there was a reconciliation of the activities of the implementation project with the SAP support in N2 and N3 for the AMS model. In addition to reducing backlog and store opening time, the Herval Group achieved significant improvements in process agility and customer service.

Also as a benefit of SAP implementation, at the end of 2015 the customer received the SAP Expertise Center certification for the SAP Competency Center. The company was the first in Rio Grande do Sul to receive the title that, until today, was only granted to 23 companies in Latin America.