Meta is Kanbanize's Partner

With a new partnership in the market, Meta presents one more solution for its portfolio and agility services.

Meta is Kanbanize’s Partner


In early June, we signed a partnership agreement with Kanbanize, giving us the opportunity to offer an even more complete portfolio, and the best solutions to make your business more agile.

What is Kanbanize?

Kanbanize is one of the largest agile project management platforms in the world. Originating in Sofia, Bulgaria, the company has gained prominence and is now present worldwide, with over 1000 client companies and 200 partners.

The platform is 100% adapted to the Kanban methodology, which is considered one of the most used in companies when it comes to agility. In fact, one of the biggest differentials of the tool is that it was developed to fit the method.

Another highlight of Kanbanize is that it allows you to have a detailed view of projects, portfolio and programs, while still being able to have a complete overview. It is also very intuitive, easy to use, and delivery-focused.


About the partnership

The partnership enables us to sell, implement and customize the Kanbanize platform at our clients, and provide support for its use. And to ensure the best solution, we are also certified and qualified to apply training on the platform, preparing the client’s teams to have the best practices and use the full potential of the tool.

And remember that Kanbanize does not offer courses open to the public, so our trainings are opportunities for insights straight from the source.

And now the Kanbanize label joins a list of big names that are Meta partners!

The partnership was consolidated after we studied the market for months looking for the best solutions to make companies more and more agile. And now the Kanbanize label is part of a list of big names that are Meta partners!

Talk to our team to know more about the benefits of adopting Kanbanize, through Meta, for your company!