The result comes from practice. Our advisory promotes the transformations and adaptations necessary in your company, generating organizational changes that allow the achievement of simplification objectives. Together with your team we apply accelerators, the main models of reference of the market, innovative approaches, methodologies of management and background of other projects.


We offer advisory for the implementation of agile culture in companies. This service is indicated for companies that have a more traditional performance in development and project management and that seek to obtain the benefits of this model, to guarantee deliveries are faster and generate value. In this model, a Meta mentor is assigned to analyze the company environment and to customize the training.


IT Bimodal generates innovations associated to business areas, in rapid cycles, anticipating the needs of the market, with an extremely aggressive time-to-market. We work closely with the executives of your company, separating IT into two complementary logics. One focused on traditional IT ensuring stability, security, with a longer time between opportunity identification and roll out. The other, with the Bimodal concept, reduces the time between identification, design and implementation through accelerators, processes, models and templates with proven results for the business.


The IT Governance Advisory Service acts in the definition, revision and implementation of a set of structures and processes that aim to guarantee IT aligned with corporate governance, with the maximization of strategic business objectives. This leads to alignment of IT practices with the business and clarity as to the return on investments made in technology.


Our approach to Change Management means that organizational, people, technology and process impacts are addressed beforehand in transformation, consolidation, incorporation, and other projects. We work with specialized teams and a set of technical tools to manage the human side of organizational change, achieving the expected results for the business according to its reality. In short, people have to buy change, be engaged, see themselves, know their role, and be part of the future organization. Like our methodology, the entire process is accelerated, reducing the impact on daily activities and enhancing value capture.


Technology evolves, adapts to the needs of business changes opening up numerous possibilities of expanding the business both physically and virtually. Going through model changes, integration of production and logistics chains, mobility, cloud, integration with other systems and many other possibilities. Its fast and constant evolution forces us to rethink and adapt functionalities, to rebuild systems in a new technological reality, delivering a new experience to the client and the users.